I have worked with a number of amazing researchers and students for the whole of my career. My PhD was supervised by Prof. Nicholas R. Jennings (Vice-Provost at Imperial College and ex-CSA to the UK Govt) and Prof. Carles Sierra (Director of the IIIA, CSIC, Spain).

Current Phd Students

Elliot Salisbury – Crowd Robotics
James Holyhead – Demand Response Analytics
Emmanouil Rigas (Greece) – Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid
Jhim Verame – Human-Agent Interaction
Pedro García – Internet of Things and Human-Robot Interaction
Olabambo Oluwasuji – Load Shedding in Smart Grids

Henry Ngoc Cuong Truong – Machine Learning in Smart Energy systems (SEA-CORES)
Dengji Zhao – Dual Role Exchange Markets (ICIF)
Alper Alan Turan – Human-Agent Interaction (MOSAIC)

Past Students

Moody Alam – Algorithms for Energy Exchange in Rural Communities
Sam Miller – Decentralised Optimal Dispatch in Smart Micro-Grids
Henry Cuong Truong – Appliance Usage Prediction for Home Energy Management
Kate Macarthur – Decentralised Coordination
Alper Alan Turan – Human-Agent Interaction in Smart Energy Systems

Past Collaborators

Rajdeep Kumar Dash – at McKinsey now
Perukrishnen Vytelingum – at Sunguard now
Alex Rogers – at Oxford University
Nicholas R. Jennings – at Imperial College
Bing Shi – at Wuhan Uni, China
Feng Wu – at USTC, China


Shaofei Chen (visiting) – Multi-Agent Patrolling
Romain Caillere – Smart Energy Markets
Sherry (Xue) Yang – Video Advertising Markets