As part of multiple projects and having participated in a number of competitions, my work has been showcased in a number of articles as follows:

Fantasy Football Project – the SquadGuru:

BBC Technology – 15/08/2017 – (Front page): AI seeks Fantasy Football challengers
New Scientist : AI football manager picks a winning team
Metro UK : Rooney or RVP in your fantasy football team? Ask SquadGuru.
CNET: Can an algorithm win your Fantasy Football League


Wired: Winning the Prisoner’s Dilemma competition
NewScientist: On the ART testbed competition
Best paper at AAMAS 2010
Winning the RobocupRescue Competition
Release of RoboCupRescue v1.0
The Economist: The ALADDIN project
Greenbang, Science Daily: On our Smart Grid work (1) (2)